The kubevirt-manager system is an open source system. The project is hosted on Github Community. Contribuitions can be made directly through Pull Requests on the Github Project.
This project relies on other Open Source software. Below is a list of the used projects.
kubevirt-manager NoVNC     NoVNC is used for console access. Details on Github.
kubevirt-manager AngularJS     Angular is used on kubevirt-manager interface. Details on Angular Website.
kubevirt-manager KubeVirt     Kubevirt is the backend for this system. Details on KubeVirt Website.
kubevirt-manager Bootstrap     Bootstrap is used on the system. AdminLTE is also used. Details on Bootstrap Website.
kubevirt-manager Multus     Multus CNI can be used as networking backend. Details on Multus Github.
kubevirt-manager CDI     Containerized Data Importer is used as storage backend. Details on CDI Github.
Prometheus     Prometheus can be used as metrics provider. Details on Prometheus Operator Github.
 Cluster API     Cluster API is used to provide cluster functionality. Details on Cluster API Quickstart.